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Car Accident Injuries

In Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA the chiropractors at Summit Spine and Wellness. Dr. Roberts and his team of experts use their education and experience to aid patients' spinal health and overall well-being. The chiropractors provide patients with therapy for auto injuries to treat neck and shoulder injuries as well as whiplash.

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What Injuries Occur From a Car Accident?

The impact from a car accident has the potential to cause whiplash. A person may also experience a neck, chest or shoulder injury. It's possible for a head injury to result from an automobile accident. These are actually the most common. Chiropractors may treat certain head injuries.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash occurs from the impact jolting the neck forward and backward quickly. When a person gets rear-ended in a collision, whiplash may occur. Generally, the patient will experience headaches, neck pain or stiffness after the accident. Pain relievers help with the stiffness and pain, but they won't treat the root of the problem. Exercise and therapy are the only true ways to correct whiplash. A chiropractor has the ability to devise a course of exercises that gradually increase in difficulty in order to work the neck muscles in a safe manner. Massage and manipulation of certain nerves and muscles can assist as well. A majority of patients recover from whiplash within a few months after treatment. In some cases, however, the patient may have chronic neck pain and stiffness. The exercises will still help at this stage but aren't a true solution to the problem.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractics?

Many years ago, insurance wouldn't cover chiropractic visits at all. Today, the patient's insurance may cover a portion or most of a chiropractic visit. It's vital for a patient to inquire about his or her medical or automobile insurance prior to treatment to determine the level of coverage if any.

What Types of Medications Can a Chiropractor Prescribe For the Pain?

Generally, a chiropractor aims to not have to prescribe medications. The concept behind chiropractics is treating conditions without dangerous medications.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

This depends on the patient's condition and the severity of it. Treatment for minor conditions may only require a few visits. Other times, the patient may need a few months of treatment. Chronic conditions take years or a lifetime of treatment to keep symptoms at bay.