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Weight Loss Program

Our Weight Loss Program at Summit Spine and Wellness assists our Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA patients in achieving or maintaining their ideal weight. By getting to a healthy weight, a patient will experience a decrease in joint pain and other similar issues since excess weight puts added stress on the bones and joints. It puts a person more at risk for injuries, and makes it more difficult for a person to exercise and even complete daily tasks. It puts a person more at risk for suffering from a stroke or other condition that cause a decrease in mobility.

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Posted by Summit Spine and Wellness on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why Does a Chiropractor Focus on Weight Management?

The chiropractors at Summit Spine and Wellness understand the risks of being overweight and obese and the extra stress it places on the bones and joints. They realize the restrictions it puts on a person's mobility. Because the entire practice centers around achieving the optimal level of health and wellness through natural means, they make weight management a core aspect of the process.

How Does Summit Spine and Wellness Determine the Goal Weight?

The goal weight is decided by a person's body mass index, also known as BMI, which is a ratio comparing a person's weight to his or her height. Although it's not practical for every person to lose enough weight to reach a healthy BMI, the doctor helps the person to achieve a healthier weight.

How is Weight Management Conducted?

Weight management consists of helping a person lose weight via diet and exercise. At Summit Spine and Wellness, a doctor will devise a diet that's feasible for the patient while still aiding in the weight loss process. They encourage patients to achieve their goals. They focus on the patient's strengths and always factor in any shortcomings so the patient is successful. The process begins with an evaluation and weight check. We request the patient informs us of their complete medical background to determine any weight-related conditions. This also assists the doctor in determining a plan that works for the patient's fitness level without affecting any health conditions.