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Neck pain is very common, from sleeping in the wrong position to spending too much time looking down at our phone — neck pain seems to affect everyone. Too often, people end up taking medications to mask the pain instead of correcting the underlying cause of their pain. Chiropractic care gently realigns the vertebrae in the neck to bring relief from pain.

Neck Pain Should Not Be Ignored

Interference to the function of nerves in your neck can result in a weaker immune system, problems sleeping, numbness and tingling running down into your arms, more severe allergy symptoms, and more frequent headaches. Around 95% of all headaches originate in the neck. Leaving subluxations (misalignments) in the neck untreated can lead to further problems.

Only around 10% of your nervous system can feel pain. The rest of your nervous system is dedicated to controlling organs, muscles, and functions of the body. This is why some people may have problems for months, or even years, before they feel pain. Neck pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and should be corrected. Instead of ignoring neck pain, or taking medication to mask the pain, it is good to have a chiropractic checkup to find and correct any problem.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are a wide variety of causes of neck pain. Some are caused by trauma, and others by our lifestyles. Sometimes neck pain may take time before manifesting itself, and other times it comes on suddenly. Here are some of the common causes of neck pain.

  • Accidents & Injuries
    Auto accidents, whiplash, falls, hitting your head, and other injuries can cause subluxations and pain in the neck. Sometimes these injuries will cause immediate pain, but sometimes even whiplash can take a while before you feel the pain. Leaving neck pain from accidents untreated can lead to additional problems in the future.
  • Arthritis Pain
    Osteoarthritis pain comes from the degeneration of a joint or vertebra. The joints in our body are designed to move. When the vertebrae in the neck aren’t moving correctly (something subluxations can cause) it can lead to degeneration of the vertebrae, which can become arthritis. Chiropractic care can help with arthritis neck pain.
  • Birth
    When a baby is born, passing through the vaginal canal often puts stress on the baby’s neck. The trauma to the neck will often result in newborn and toddler health issues. Since a baby is unable to tell you they have neck pain, these problems often go undetected. It is highly recommended to have a chiropractic checkup and adjustment for your newborn baby. A side benefit is many newborn’s parents report that babies that get adjusted often sleep through the night better.
  • Sleeping with Your Neck in the Wrong Position
    We’ve all experienced it. Waking up with a stiff neck. Sometimes it’s because you feel asleep on a couch, but often it’s caused by pillows pushing your neck in the wrong direction. The natural curvature of the neck is a backward “C” with your neck curving backward. A pile of pillows can push your chin toward your chest, going against its natural curve. Many people are side sleepers, and often don’t get the proper support for their neck and end up sleeping with their neck bent sideways.
  • Playing Sports
    Athletes of all ages and weekend warriors often participate in sports like football, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, and other sports that involve head contact and/or abrupt neck movements. Athletes should have regular chiropractic adjustments. A side benefit for athletes is regular chiropractic adjustments keep the nervous system performing better, enhancing your reaction speed, increasing your range of motion, and improving muscle coordination.
  • Work
    Whether our work environment requires physical labor or sitting in an office environment, neck pain related to work is common. At work, our posture is often poor. People commonly hold a phone to their ear by shrugging their shoulders as they bend their necks. Many people carry the stress of work home with them, causing tension, tightened muscles, physical soreness, and mental stress. All of these can cause subluxations (misalignments) in the neck, causing pain and headaches.

Taking Pain Medicine can be Bad for Your Health

TV commercials are required to list all the side effects of the medications they are pushing, and the list can be long. The fine print on one pain medication admits that it doesn’t fix the cause of your pain, but merely blocks the signal of pain to your brain. Bottom line, pain medications do not correct the cause of your neck pain — they simply mask the pain. They treat the symptom and not the cause.

Set an Appointment for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is different. At Summit Spine and Wellness, we work to locate the source of your pain and correct it. We will find the source of your plan and develop a treatment plan to correct the underlying problem and bring relief from neck pain. In addition to correcting your problem, our care will improve the function of your nervous system. A better performing nervous system means your immune system will work better too.

If you have neck pain, contact Summit Spine and Wellness at (215) 487-2500 or schedule online. If you have friends and family that can benefit from this article on neck pain, please share this article with them.

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