We are specialists in these areas

Our Services

Chiropractic Adjustment

Summit Spine and Wellness has skilled chiropractors serving Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.

Massage Therapy

Reduce pain and relax patients with massage therapy.

Active Release Technique

We utilize our knowledge and expertise to provide treatments like the Active Release Technique,

Weight Loss Program

Achieving or maintaining their ideal weight. By getting to a healthy weight,

Car Accident Injuries

Providing patients with therapy for auto injuries to treat neck and shoulder injuries as well as whiplash.

Sports Injuries

Our education and experience allow us to perform treats for sports injuries. In fact, they even address all the chiropractic needs of the Temple Football team.

Extremity Conditions

We are consultants to the Temple Owls and other local teams.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

We act as consultants for the Temple Owls and conduct spinal decompression therapy.